Triple Melt® Liquid

"The Calm Before The Storm"

Applying Triple Melt® Liquid to sidewalks and traffic areas prior to a winter storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice to the concrete. Light snows will melt on contact and heavy snows will be much easier to remove.

Saves Labor and Material

Cities and counties have reported for every pound of liquid de-icer used before the storm, can save four pounds of product used after the storm. Without the chance to bond to concrete surfaces, snowfalls are much easier to remove.

Patented Advantage

Triple Melt® Liquid contains a natural, agricultural product with enhanced melting values (Patent Pending) that keeps the product on the sidewalk where residual action can take effect days after the intended application.

Less Tracking

Triple Melt® Liquid will track less than dry material, helping to avoid costly cleanups of entryways through the winter months.


The best way to fight a winter storm is before it hits. Triple Melt® Liquid applied to sidewalks and traffic areas prior to a storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice to your concrete. It is this surface bond that dry products must break before their melting efforts are truly effective. Preventing this bond from forming as the snow falls, means less labor is required for snow removal afterwards. Triple Melt® Liquid is also a great product for melting small patches of packed snow or the thin layer of snow left behind by a snow blower.