Triple Melt®
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Superior Melting Speed

Activar® speeds the conversion of dry ice melting salts to a liquid brine. This process results in faster melting action and a safer surface in less time.


The faster an ice melter works, the less chance there is for a mishap to occur. That’s why TRIPLE MELT® contains two patented accelerating agents. TRIPLE MELT® has been shown in Strategic Highway Research Program testing, to exceed the melt value of a theoretical 50% calcium chloride blend.

Exhaustive testing shows that Triple Melt® w/Activar® and ProPel® simply outperforms the others. Ossian Inc. utilizes strict SHRP melting standards when developing and comparing the melting performance of our products with the competition. The results show time after time Triple Melt® outperforms each of its competitors. Testing data is available and we welcome comparisons.

Sub-Zero Melting

Triple Melt® w/Activar® contains 10-15% calcium chloride, providing low temperature melting without the cost.

Blue Coverage Indicator

Triple Melt® w/Activar® contains a water soluble non-staining coverage indicator, making it easier to see when spreading.

Flows Evenly and Consistently

TRIPLE MELT® undergoes a thorough screening process optimizing particle size for controlled spreading. Ossian’s screening process reduces dust, provides more flexibility with spreader settings and reduces cost, allowing you to melt more with less product. TRIPLE MELT® contains anti-caking agents that ensure easy flow for ice melt spreaders and longer storage life.

Triple Melt® w/Activar® is tightly screened and has a very consistent granule size. When used with a controlled flow spreader, Triple Melt® will flow evenly and give you a consistent spread pattern. This will save you money by avoiding over-application. It is also better for the environment, lowering the overall chloride concentration of your soil and retaining ponds.

No Dust

With one of the tightest specs in the industry, our in-house screen system eliminates the fine, dusty salt particles found in most blended ice melters. This thorough screening process eliminates blow back when spreading and improves melting performance.


Triple Melt® w/Activar® contains anti-caking agents that provide easy flow for ice melt spreaders. This means a more controlled rate when spreading.

Safe for Concrete and Vegetation

TRIPLE MELT® will not harm concrete and vegetation when used according to label instructions. TRIPLE MELT® contains no added magnesium chloride which has been shown in studies to chemically attack concrete (see here for details). Incorporating liquid anti-icing practices with dry application rates is essential to reducing chloride and salt impacts on the environment.