Application - Best Practices
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Application is where the results of one’s snow and ice management program are visibly demonstrated to all. A good, well implemented program will have clean, safe sidewalks, along with nice looking concrete and healthy grass and vegetation on the premises. All the studies referenced in the vegetation and concrete segments of this site show that over-application increases the likelihood of damage to both mediums. Over-application also leads to unsightly and unnecessary track in of deicer. One way to limit over-application is through ice melter that has a coverage indicator. Here is an illustration of how a good coverage indicator shows the application rate.

1/4 to 1/2 cup per sq yd

Use less after a clean removal

Pretreat before a snow event

Key Points to Help Ensure Proper Deicer Application

  1. Deicer Effectiveness - All deicers are not equal. Some require greater amounts to clear the ice than others, especially in colder temperatures. Choose a deicer that melts ice effectively at a given temperature. This will help ensure its proper application while maintaining safety. Lab tests showing the effectiveness of deicers are available. Contact us for details.
  2. Coverage Indicator - Coverage Indicator is product coloring which makes it distinctly visible. Clearly seeing the how the product is “going down” greatly helps in controlling its application rate. Coverage indicator also makes it obvious that the service of applying deicer has been performed.
  3. Proper Equipment - Equipment is available that can help ensure the proper application of deicer. There are spreaders that have adjustable rate settings and shields. This allows for the product to be applied at the desired rate on the pavement, and out of the grass. A good spreader can pay for itself by making the deicer go farther. Our spreader page shows a spreader with shields and adjustable rate settings.
  4. Spreader Compatibility - The deicer must flow smoothly and uniformly through spreader for efficient, controlled application. Make sure that your deicer will not cake up, and that the product used is clean and consistent in its composition. This is necessary for effectively controlling deicer application. There are products available that meet these specifications, contact us for details.

We have found that implementing these points in the application of deicer greatly helps in preventing concrete, turfgrass, and vegetation damage. Unsightly tracking in of product is also kept minimal. Feel free to contact us for further assistance and information on this issue.