Power Green™

Below Zero Ice Melter

POWER GREEN™ melts ice and snow at temperatures below zero. The bio-based accelerator allows POWER GREEN™ to melt faster and in colder weather than regular salt.

Coverage Indicator

Eliminate wasted product and needless costs. The green coverage indicator reduces common over application errors.

Reduce Salt Consumption

Every winter salt over-application continues to destroy our roads, kill vegetation, and contaminate our water supplies with chlorides. Winter maintenance has become addicted to salt because it is cheap and plentiful without accepting the consequences.

Melt More with Less

Finally there is an alternative. POWER GREEN™ gets you to a safe surface faster than untreated salt which means less product used. High performance at low application rates reduces chloride runoff without sacrificing safety.

Bio-Based Accelerator

POWER GREEN™ is formulated with a performance enhancing bio-based coating that provides the melt value of an expensive calcium chloride blend. This cutting-edge accelerator significantly improves melt value while acting as a natural anti-caking agent.