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Ice Melter Expertise

Supply Warehouse, Inc. has been in the ice melt business for over 35 years, serving the greater Indianapolis area, central Indiana, and the midwest. We have extensive knowledge of all types of ice melters including the full range of liquid and dry chemical compounds. Our expertise is based on the latest research findings from several independent reliable sources, such as accredited research universities, nationally recognized cement organizations, and government research council programs. Whether you have questions about proper application, concrete, corrosion, vegetation, compound melting performance, or environmental impact - we have the answer.

Superior Service

Supply Warehouse, Inc. delivers ice melter where you need it when you need it. We meet your ice melt delivery needs – often exceeding expectations. Our delivery service goes anywhere in the midwest. If you are low on storage space, we can store it for you and deliver it when you need it. Whatever your needs - from advice regarding product selection, to special delivery needs, to product storage - we can meet them.

Innovative Products

Supply Warehouse, Inc. is always looking for cutting edge methods, equipment, and products to best meet the needs of our customers. The products we offer take advantage of the latest ice melting technology, including blending the most effective compounds, the best accelerating agents available, and controlled application spreader & sprayer equipment. Supply Warehouse, Inc. provides products that work fast, go where they should, and are cost-effective.

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