Ice Melt Storage Program
● Eliminate Supply Issues● Control Budgets● Priority Service
● Maximize Your Space● Buy Early & Save● Never Run Out
Good planning & management requires keen foresight and preparation. This is particularly challenging in dealing with winter. Will it be a mild, harsh or “normal” season? Sleet, freezing rain, and freeze/thaw events dramatically impact supply. These can cause shortages, and then everyone needs product immediately, making things worse. In-season prices are higher, and shortage markets are uncertain. Buying a “winter’s worth” of product takes a lot of SPACE, making it impractical.

Our storage program solves this dilemma. You can buy up at our Early Buy pricing, and have it stored. We then ship promptly when you call for it. Most of our shipments are next day, two days for northern IN, and out of state. We GUARANTEE prompt delivery. We have the most robust storage and freight program in the industry. Our storage customers Do not run out of product. Our reliable storage program has gained wide acceptance and recognition over the last 5 years. We have been an industry leader for over 25 years. References are available upon request.

Try our storage program. We help you manage the unmanageable. Our products, knowledge, and service give you the best results at the lowest overall cost.