The Product

WinterGreen® was designed specifically to combat the problem of grass and vegetation damage. Through years of research and development, it was discovered that Urea (a well known fertilizer but poor ice melter) and Calcium Chloride (the highest performing solid de-icer on the market) were the keys to solving the vegetation issue.

A simple blend, however, was not the solution, but Ossian tried it! The results were as one would expect - the Calcium Chloride melted and the Urea didn't do anything under 15°F, solving none of the vegetation concerns.

After many trials we found the answer, Ossian's PATENTED AGGLOMERATION PROCESS held the solution that property owners, not to mention grass and vegetation had been looking for.

Damaged grass after using a typical ice melter

Improved grass after using Wintergreen®

Unmatched Green Performance

WinterGreen® created the green ice melter marketplace in 1997, and to this day is unmatched in both melting performance and vegetation protection. WinterGreen® is a wholely unique product that melts with the performance of calcium chloride yet converts to a slow release nitrogen in the soil benefiting plant growth. WinterGreen® has 10x the melt value of magnesium chloride based on SHRP H-205.1 testing (15°F for 20 minutes).

Ossian's Patented Agglomeration Process

Ossian discovered a way to take a Urea pellet and coat it with Calcium Chloride. This patented agglomeration process gave a multi-fold solution.

  • MELTING POWER - Calcium chloride attracts moisture and generates heat as it quickly dissolves into a powerful de-icing brine. It also triggers the dissolution of the Urea and allows it to melt at much lower temperatures and contribute to fast undercutting.
  • VEGETATION POWER - The liquid brine runoff, previously the cause of vegetation damage, now works in our favor. The combination of calcium chloride and Urea in brine form, converts to a slow release nitrogen fertilizer once it enters the soil. In an Iowa State University Study, WinterGreen® was actually found "to create a greening effect once the growing season begins."
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